Terry Hatcher, PhD, REAT, RAS
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I have spent the last forty years refining my approach to working with groups and individuals. I hold a BA degree from the University of California at Berkeley in the Practice of Fine Art and began my career as an art instructor in 1966. While working as an artist and teacher I began to notice that changes I saw in people seemed to often be independent of their proficiency with technique; and at the same time I began my own exploration into my psyche with a therapist. It became clear that these two paths converged in profound ways that influenced my teaching, and my relationships to self and others.

I graduated from John F. Kennedy University in 1985 with an MA in Art and Consciousness Studies with a specialization in psychology and counseling which lead to my Certification in the National Expressive Therapy Association. I also received a Certification In the Imagery and Movement Method from the Art Spirit Institute with Drs. Charles and Sanjen Miedzinski and Jack Weller in 1994. In 1996 I received my PhD. from the National Institute of Expressive Therapy; and have been a Registered Expressive Art Therapist with the International Expressive Art Therapy association since 1998. I have been in private practice since 1988 and I have spent the last ten years as a Mental Health Trauma Therapist for an addiction rehabilitation agency in Contra Costa County; I have been registered as an Addiction Specialist since 2004.

I authored and received an Alameda Arts Council Grant to produce seminars and video documentation of 'Bay Area Artists in the Senior Population' and also authored and published the article 'The Transformative Power of Art; Children, Art and Depression' for The Children's Advocate. I have also been an exhibiting artist and continue to work in my studio.

I have been a serious student of meditation for over twenty years; in 1985 I began my Buddhist studies in Shambhala Training and in 1991 I became a practitioner of the Diamond Approach; from 1996 to 2004 I was also a teacher in training in the Ridhwan School for Spiritual Development.

I was a founding board member of the Artist-Therapists of Northern California, (later the International Expressive Art Therapy Association), founding board member of the Bay Area Counseling Alliance, and a partner in Counseling for Creative People. I was the Coordinating Director for the Expressive Art Therapy Certificate in the Department of Continuing Education at JFKU and adjunct faculty in the Transpersonal Counseling Program in the Graduate School of Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy University. I also continue to teach as adjunct faculty in the Transformative Arts Education Program, Department of Arts and Consciousness, School of Holistic Studies, JFKU. I have also presented Painting Your Personal Mythology at professional conventions and taught workshops and retreats at Esalen, Ghost Ranch, NM, and Hawaii.

My clientele includes martial artists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, educational therapists, software engineers, psychologists, dancers, yoga teachers, librarians, artists, web designers, writers, physicians, actors, travel agents, psychotherapists, photographers, dancers, gardeners, musicians, educators, film makers, students, lab technicians, individuals, children, couples and the disabled.

I focus on the unfolding of the clients Self, with an approach intended to facilitate the integration of body, mind and soul. My theoretical orientation includes Object Relations Theory, Developmental Psychology, Reichian theories of character armoring, the Enneagram as opposed to psychopathology, Buddhist psychology and the Diamond Approach.

My interest, as a therapist, is in supporting and guiding the client in a compassionate and intelligent way that enables them to move through whatever physical, emotional and/or spiritual obstacles block the development of the individual's authentic Self; to bring beauty into form in service of the truth.

My office is in the Rockridge area of Oakland, one block from the Rockridge BART Station. Call 510-985-1174 for your initial interview.

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